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For Music Business

Know What's Loved is an innovative talent discovery engine which provides a beautiful and easy-to-use music-first experience. It is simple to configure and unleash a swarm of Virtual Scouts, which are software agents that tirelessly seek out new talent matching your personal requirements.

Your Virtual Scouts run autonomously. They never stop and never get tired. They can keep you instantly informed by WhatsApp of the new talent that they uncover, as it happens in real-time. You can share your favourites to colleagues on Slack, in a snap, and enjoy dynamic Spotify playlists automatically kept in sync with your Virtual Scouts.

For Recording Artists, Songwriters and Producers

We will soon be releasing Know What's Loved for Artists where you can configure your free online one-sheet and tell us how you want to be contacted and by whom. There are thousands of labels, managers and publishers using Know What's Loved today who might be interested in you and want to get in contact about deals or, perhaps, just to help you along with funding. We might event tip you to a label ourselves!

Like that? Join our community today and we will get in touch just as soon the Artist app is ready for you.

Let's Talk About Tips

As well as world-beating tech, Know What's Loved has an expert A&R team that tips artists discovered by our tech to partner management teams, labels, publishers and more. We tip based on a brief or just where we feel there is a great fit. We have a presence in a growing number of key music cities across the UK, Ireland, United States and Germany.

We have partnered with the British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute, Europe's preeminent creative educator, to provide alumni and students with hands-on experience and opportunities in the music industry.

What is a Virtual Scout? 

Virtual Scouts are intelligent software agents that run in the cloud. You can quickly configure a Virtual Scout to find the types of artists that interest you.

Our distributed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tech manages heterogenous swarms of autonomous agents that continuously uncover artists that you need to hear right now. Scouts never stop, they never get tired and they deliver a constant stream of promising new artists.

You can create as many Virtual Scouts as you wish and you have complete control over your personal swarm of robotic A&R agents.

Where Do You Find the Talent?

Everywhere. Huggy, our massively distributed artist & influencer miner, continuously performs millions of web searches from multiple world-wide locations. Every day, Huggy scans millions of blogs, magazines, forums, social media, related sites, charts, and public APIs, from a huge range of popular fan communities (Reddit, Genius, TikTok etc) to every streaming service out there (YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify etc).

Huggy, your eyes and ears on every street, is uncovering new and exciting talent that you can sign now, every single second of the day.

How Do You Select the Artists?

The Know What's Loved Mass Appeal Signalling Framework (MASF) monitors and records the daily progress of the millions of artists Huggy discovers.

MASF recognises and records key career events, learns relationships, and determines career stage, trajectory, velocity and influence. Our Emergent Artist Ranking (EAR) tech ranks artists and influencers in multiple ways, using proprietary algorithms based upon deep music industry knowledge and years of research.

Never Miss the Beat Again

Know What's Loved can tell you what is happening when it is happening. Whenever a Virtual Scout uncovers exciting new talent that you have not seen before, it will notify you immediately by WhatsApp or SMS, if you choose to opt-in. Our MASF EAR tech keeps a close eye on your favourite Artists and can instantly notify you when they begin to break ground.

There are lots of other cool instant notifications that you can decide to opt in to. Never miss the beat again!

Music First Experience

Some people ask if we are an analytics dashboard. The short answer is no, we are not. Know What's Loved is a modern music-first experience that uses innovative left-field discovery techniques, enabling you to search wider, deeper and faster than ever before. You don’t have one Scout, you have a swarm.

Every day, you will find emerging artists on KWL that analytics dashboards will not be aware of until it’s too late to sign them. Such dashboards are best suited to data experts, to perform deep-dive data analysis of the truly promising artists that your Scouts have uncovered and you may wish to sign. Hence KWL will work alongside analytics dashboards in a complementary way.

Can I Try it Out for Free?

Yes you can. You get the first two weeks completely free and no credit card is required when you sign up. When your free trial expires, we will invite you to take up an introductory subscription at a discounted introductory price. We believe in our service and know you will want to stay with us. But you can cancel at any time. No hard feelings and good luck manually searching for artists. Our Scouts are uncovering thousands of hidden gems every single minute of the day.

Who uses Know What's Loved?

Labels, artist managers, music publishers, A&R teams, bloggers and artists of all types are using our service. Know What's Loved has quickly become an indispensable new tool for many businesses and artists in the music industry.

Our staff use it every day, as pure consumers - it’s such a great way to create banging playlists and discover hot new tunes!