Our products and solutions enable you to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions.

    Artists & Management

    Track and compare artist fan growth and distribution by streaming services and social networks.

    Access artist ​fanbase growth and distribution across social and streaming networks, including actionable insights on channel performance, popularity and trends in both international and domestic markets.

    Brands & Marketers

    Align your brand with charting international and domestic artists to engage music fans.

    Reach and engage new users and consumers within different markets by targeting music fans, digital platforms and partnering with the right artists to activate and amplify your brand and message.


    Identify new and emerging markets in Asia-Pacific to promote your artist, event or festival.

    Reduce risk and measure ROI for live events and ticket sales by making informed booking decisions using in-depth data around artists, their fans, venues and new markets.


    Track emerging talent, identify and sign your next big artist!

    KWL incorporates data collection, data monitoring and social listening services designed for A&R professionals by providing timely, territory-specific intelligence around emerging talent.

    Distributors & Publishers

    Unified fan intelligence and consumption data for your artists, streams and new releases with comparative intelligence and market insights all in one intuitive dashboard.

    Digital Service Providers

    Drill down on artist consumption metrics and trends to identify latest releases, top tracks and videos for your promotional campaigns.

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