Know What’s Loved (KWL) is a data analytics company that serves the music and advertising industries.


    You have the principles; intuition and empathy. Let us add the data to your equation.

    We have built a massively scalable cloud-based analytics platform designed from the ground up to provide near infinite scale within a cost structure that scales with our business.

    Asia-Pacific represents a ground-floor opportunity with a favourable competitive landscape combined with strong growth in digital music adoption, music related ad-spend and live entertainment.

    Our mission is to provide the music industry with the deepest and most comprehensive source of intelligence to discover emerging artists, build new markets and grow new consumers in music.


    Large scale data aggregation, transformation and analysis of key data. We ingest and analyse data from social media and streaming services to provide intelligence solutions for artists, management, labels, promoters, advertisers and marketers.


  • Why Big Data?

    Data addresses the risks and uncertainties that brands and advertisers face when investing in music to reach consumers. Data has fast become the lifeblood of the modern music industry, but the very nature of today's convoluted distribution and fragmented consumption model with the extreme volume and velocity of data generated has made capturing these insights a highly specialised and costly undertaking for most industry constituents.

    Music businesses are turning to analytics for data-driven solutions as more consumers are streaming music online. Data from streaming services such as Spotify, social media and a variety of online platforms are revealing multiple factors impacting artists' reach, sales and engagement.

  • Social Media Data

    Fanbase and engagement metrics, sentiment, audience profiles and affinities. Artists, brands and fans tracked across social media, streaming services and other online destinations.

    Streaming & Playlists

    Track popularity data of artists, their followers, subscribers, channel consumption and engagement metrics from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

    Radio Charts and Radio Play Data

    Hundreds of radio and streaming charts tracked plus radio play data from major FM radio stations across Asia Pacific.

    Concert & Ticketing

    Tour dates and venue schedules for thousands of concerts and festivals across America, Europe and Asia-Pacific including hundreds of emerging artist venues.

    Awards & Charts

    Historical music awards data from GRAMMY, MTV and more with over 300 global and regional music charts.

    Street Press & Tastemakers

    Our ever growing team of tastemakers are our eyes and ears on the streets.

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