• We provide music industry professionals with the actionable data intelligence they need to support artists and grow their business.

  • Welcome to KWL!

    KWL tracks global music consumption, artist popularity and radio.


    We ingest and analyse data from thousands of different sources and transform that into media and marketing intelligence solutions for artists, management, labels, promoters, broadcasters, digital service providers, advertisers and marketers.


    Our vision is to enable the music industry to more effectively target and connect with music fans and accelerate music income and artist careers.

  • KWL360™ is an integrated intelligence dashboard that provides key artist metrics, fan-base metrics and consumption metrics extracted from social media, streaming services, radio and concert data. Optional competitive intelligence and market intelligence data, reports and chart packages are also available.

  • Data Sources

  • Social Media

    Social media fan and engagement metrics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Streaming & Playlists

    Artist popularity data, followers, subscribers and channel metrics from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.


    Hundreds of radio and streaming charts ingested, including radio play data from hundreds of radio stations across Asia Pacific.

    Concert & Ticketing

    Tour dates and venue schedules for thousands of concerts across America, Europe and Asia-Pacific including hundreds of emerging markets and venues.

    Awards & Charts

    Historical music awards data from GRAMMY, MTV and more with over 300 global and regional music charts.

    Street Press & Tastemakers

    (KWL Hunters)

    Our ever growing team of tastemakers are our eyes and ears on the streets.


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