Know What’s Loved (KWL) is a data analytics company that enables the music industry to more effectively target and connect with music fans in order to accelerate music income and careers.


    We track global music consumption, artist popularity and fan activity across social media and streaming services by ingesting and analysing data from thousands of data sources. This is transformed into intelligence for artists, management, record labels, promoters, broadcasters, digital service providers and marketers.


    Our headquarters is in Singapore, with operations in Australia and The Philippines.

    Asia-Pacific Intelligence

    We are building the most comprehensive source of APAC music intelligence working with music agencies, independent labels, live promoters, tastemakers and media throughout Southeast Asia and Australia.

    • Asia-Pacific (APAC) represents a ground-floor opportunity with a favourable competitive landscape combined with growths in digital music adoption, music related ad-spend and emerging markets for live entertainment.
    • It is the fastest growing region for music streaming adoption but yet its markets remain the least serviced in terms of music media measurement and analytics with most countries having no official “Billboard” chart.
    • Brand dollars are particularly important in APAC, with over 90% music streaming consumers subscribing to ad-supported service tiers.

    We operate from Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Sydney and are looking for talented engineers, analysts, data visualizers, account managers and music tastemakers (KWL Hunters).


    To be notified when we post jobs, please email us at info@kwler.com

    Alex Goatcher


    David Loiterton


    Ryan Ho


    Amy Chang

    EVP Corporate Development

    Mishal Varma

    EVP Business Development

    Shila Wijaya

    Head of Marketing

    Roselyn Decano

    Project Manager

    Joshua Gayanelo

    Senior Business Analyst

    Jerome Gaditano

    Data Engineer Lead

    Paulo Fajardo

    Data Operations Lead

    Rodenil Santos

    Development Operations Lead

    Jovel Ignacio

    Senior Data Specialist

    Erikka Malicsi

    Data Specialist​

    Victor Inocentes

    Data Engineer​

    Lhea Nieto

    Data Analyst


    Platform Developer

    Lyndon Bibera

    Platform Developer

    Anna Villamor

    Web Developer

    Nad Flores

    Web Developer

    Christine Lalchandani

    QA Lead

    Ricardo Carlos Garcia

    QA Test Analyst

    Hera Berita

    QA Test Analyst​

    Mon Micosa

    Python Junior Developer​

    Holly Tan Kian Soon


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